Beauty Bra is changing the way we think about Bras. Looks Good, Feel Good and is really comfy.

Beauty Bras are changing the way we think about Bras. 
A fashion item for the 
21st Century 
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No more Hooks, No more Wires, No more Adjusting Straps or Buckles. 
Just comfy bras for day & night

The Beauty Bra breakthrough body form technology does away with wires, hooks and adjusting straps and it does make any woman's body feel comfortable. black_over_skin

The Beauty Bra is smooth, comfortable and 

It smooths the bumps.

No more worries about cup size, wear it day and night, no more bulges, straps don't dig into your shoulder or slip off. It is soft, flexible, has support without the wires. 

It fits all shapes, all sizes and gives full coverage. Smooth across your back it gives you shape, no adjusting straps or seams.. Made from knitted nylon and spandex it moves with you and is really easy to buy as a gift - just use T Shirt size for sizing or use the table below.

Sized just like a T-Shirt

Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL

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